Labour Market Information (LMI) Council Structure

  • As of April 21st, 2017, the Council is structured as a registered not-for-profit corporation providing it the functional autonomy to operate as its own entity. The Council consists of:
    • A Board of Directors including representatives from 13 provinces and territories, from Employment and Social Development Canada and Statistic Canada
    • A Policy Committee including representatives from all 13 provinces and territories, ESDC, and Statistics Canada. This Policy Committee would advise the Council on priorities and oversee their implementation once approved by Council.
    • A permanent LMI Office led by an Executive Director, and accountable to the Board of Directors, would be responsible for providing technical, analytical, communications expertise, and administrative support to achieve the Council’s goals and objectives. 
    • FPT governments will also establish a National Stakeholder Advisory Panel (NSAP) that would help guide the overall activities of the Council, including the specific priorities to be undertaken on an annual basis
    • FPT governments will identify LMI Experts to assist the LMIC Board of Directors in providing impartial and objective perspective on strategic issues and also in providing advice on emergent issues for consideration during the planning process (e.g. LMI trends).