The Forum of Labour Market Ministers (FLMM) is composed of federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for labour market policies and programs. It was created in 1983 to promote discussion and cooperation on common labour market matters.

The FLMM is co- chaired by the federal government (Employment and Social Development) and a lead province. For 2021 – 2023, the Government of the Northwest Territories is the lead province and hosts the Forum’s Secretariat.

FLMM Strategic Vision

The FLMM is a platform for collaboration and partnership to address shared labour market issues. Through the FLMM, federal, provincial and territorial governments work cooperatively to ensure Canada has a skilled, adaptable and inclusive workforce that supports a competitive Canadian economy.

Labour Market Ministers are committed to fostering inclusive workforce participation, better aligning skills with evolving labour market needs, and supporting efficient labour markets to better serve all Canadians.

In the 2017-2020 FLMM Strategic Plan, five areas of work were identified as priorities for the coming years:

  • Collaborate to ensure the next generation of Labour Market Transfer Agreements (LMTAs) are client- centred, outcomes focused, inclusive flexible and responsive, and evidence-based to meet the needs of Canadian workers and employers.
  • Optimize labour mobility of certified workers and apprentices and integration of internationally-trained workers and to meet industry and labour market needs.
  • Promote demand-led training as well as employer involvement to respond to labour market demands and support increased productivity.
  • Strengthen knowledge and engagement to better respond to Canada’s changing labour market needs through engaging partners, knowledge development, and effective use of LMI.
  • Promote sharing of best practices to advance labour market issues and support efforts to increase labour market policy and programming innovation in Canada.

The FLMM is committed to engaging in intergovernmental collaboration on these priorities.

Departments responsible for FLMM

The FLMM represents the federal and all provincial and territorial governments across Canada and engages in work at the Minister, Deputy Minister, and officials-level. Here are the federal, provincial and territorial departments responsible for labour market: