The FLMM Secretariat releases reports highlighting the ongoing work that is taking place throughout the Forum. These reports have included work on labour market information, labour mobility, labour market transfer agreements and foreign qualifications recognition. As future reports are made available they will be posted below.

2023 – Labour Market Transfers Report – PDF

2016 – Consultations on Labour Market Transfer Agreements

During the summer of 2016, the FLMM held broad-based consultations on labour market transfer agreements.

2016 – Year Two Review of the Canada Job Grant

The FLMM conducted a formal review of the Canada Job Grant following the first year of implementation that evaluated whether it is meeting its objectives and if changes to the parameters are necessary.

2014 – A Framework for Labour Market Information in Canada

Ministers endorsed a framework that commits governments to jointly set priorities and continue to improve how they work together on LMI.

2013 – Report from Provincial and Territorial Labour Market Ministers

Provincial and Territorial Labour Market Ministers released a report detailing the critical importance of skills and training; the success of the current programming under Labour Market Agreements and their concerns about the federal proposal.

2009 – Labour Market Information (LMI) System

The Advisory Panel on Labour Market Information, an independent group, submitted its report to FLMM to provide advice on how best to improve Canada’s LMI system.

For publication on foreign qualification recognition, please visit the document repository on this specific topic.

For information and publication on labour mobility, visit the Labour Mobility website.

FLMM Annual Reports